How to Paint a Cloudy Wall - A How-To Tuesday from Customer Anna Küskens

When I moved into a shared flat in Düsseldorf, Germany, I decided to paint my walls with clouds. The father of the children I babysit inspired my to do this project. He painted his daughter’s bedroom walls with a whole landscape (including flowers, a sun and trees), and it looks amazing! These clouds work perfectly for me, as they add a playful vibe to my room. Sometimes they even seem to calm me down a bit.

I think a wall with clouds is perfect in a bedroom or children’s room.

This is what you will need:

  • wall paint for the background (I went with a powder blue shade)
  • roller
  • one small paint brush
  • white and navy blue paint (approx. 1 liter each, I used acrylic paint)
  • tape
  • blanket for the floor

1. The first step is to paint the background color. I left my room in its old color and painted the mid blue shade right over it. First, cover the edges and the ceiling with tape. Use a blanket to protect your floor. Next, roll the whole wall with your blue paint. Allow the paint to dry.

2. Add a second coat right before you paint the clouds. You want your background color to be wet when you paint the clouds, because this will make your clouds look more translucent and natural. The background color will shine through the clouds at some places.

I had my Mom help me to paint the second coat, when I was about to paint a cloud at that particular place. This speeded the process up and prevented the second coat from drying before I got to paint my clouds.

3. Use your brush to paint the clouds. Try to make them look spotty and fluffy. You can blend the clouds into the background paint at their lower edges. I painted their lower border straight, because I think it looks more natural. If you feel uneasy about the shape of your clouds, try to paint them on some piece of paper first. But trust me, it’s quite an easy design and it’s fun to paint it.

By adding some navy blue color to the white color, you can paint some shadows into the fluff of your clouds. Mix both colors first (white and navy blue), so that your dark blue color is softened a bit. The shadows will make your clouds look more like three-dimensional.

4. Next you want to paint your second cloud. Try to arrange your clouds over your wall asymmetrically and vary their sizes. Maybe you also want to add an animal shaped cloud like I did.

Yay, now you’re rocking your room with a cloudy wall!

How did you paint your walls? Do you have a special design? Please comment below.

xx, Anna