How to Not Wash Your Hair for a Whole Week: A How-To Tuesday from Hillary Jo

How to Not Wash Your Hair for a Whole Week by Hillary Jo A. Finley

You will need:

  • Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Hair
  • Boar Bristle Brush and Conventional Brush
  • Pony tail elastics
  • bobby pins
  • Hair clips
  • Headband or Scarf
  • Dry shampoo or Baking soda

DAY 1 This is the first day (Duh) and the only day that you will wash your hair. Preparation is the key to this highly developed skill and can lenghten the life of unwashed hair by 25-50%.

First brush your hair thoroughly with a conventional brush, and then with a boar bristle brush before getting in the shower. When you wash your hair use as hot of water as your scalp can stand and GENTLY massage your scalp with a small amount of shampoo. Rinse well and gather up the back as though you were going to make a pony tail. Apply conditioner to ONLY this part of the hair and let sit for 2-5 minutes before also rinsing well.

When you get out of the shower wrap your hair in a towel and let sit for 10 minutes. Blow dry any fringe you may have into shape and straighten if necessary. For the rest of your wet hair, turn upside down and shake out with your fingers so that the strands separate, and allow your hair to air dry today. Do not add product!

At night brush out your hair with both brushes again and then twist your hair into a bun, securing with and elastic or several bobby pins.

DAY 2 Your hair will be on its best behavior either today or tomorrow. Take the twist bun out and shake your hair out, and hand-style. See what you’re working with. Add a tuck behind the ear or a hair accessory to change it up from yesterday, but don’t brush it yet.

If your hair is responding to the twist bun and it is rocking some waves, use a light spritz of hair spray to keep that going but no more product.

Repeat the brush n’ bun routine tonight.

DAY 3 Your hair will look amazingly sexy today, and it is the last day you can wear it all down. Own it. And don’t you dare brush it. Take out the bun, shake out your hair and spritz it with hair spray product and/or gloss spray. Tease it, work it up and make it big.

Tonight brush your hair with both brushes and either leave it down or braid it into one ponytail.

DAY 4 Take your braid out if applicable, and brush your hair with both brushes very well to distribute all the oils. If you left your hair down last night, you may be experiencing some flatness at the roots. If so, it’s time for the first “Hair Up” day. Pony tail, bun, top knot, chignon, etc. Keep reading if not.

If you braided your hair last night and/or you’re still all good on texture and just looking a bit unwashed at this time, leave your hair down and cover the top of your head with a scarf, ribbon, thick headband or other similar accessory.

Tonight brush your hair very well and flip your head upside down. Wash your hands so there is no excess oil on them. Apply dry shampoo or baking soda to the roots, coming up from “underneath” your hair and working it into the scalp in gentle circles. Leave hair loose, or style in a braid or bun for sleep.

DAY 5 Today your hair will look like it’s almost done. You could wash it, or you could just keep going. And since it’s only been 5 days, we will be doing the latter.

Today’s hair style will take a bit more time and effort, but you’re not spending time and effort in the shower so it’s a trade-off. Trust me. It’s a freeform updo made up of 2 pony tails and lots of bobby pins. Section hair into top and bottom layers, and secure each layer with a pony elastic in the back of the head. Take half- to one-inch sections of hair and twist, twist, twist until they twist up onto themselves.

Coil all tendrils up to the scalp and secure with a bobby pin. Repeat with all loose hair, pinning randomly until hair is all up. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, so have fun and enjoy this breezy style. Spritz hair with hair spray if desired.

Tonight, wrap hair in a protective scarf but leave alone entirely.

DAY 6 Today is Goddess of Sex Hair day. Your hair will have a good chance of finding its own agent today and booking its first Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Take out each tendril and coil, and then remove the poytail sections also. Shake out hair and separate each coil gently with fingers. You will have a lion mane of freeform sexy waves!

Spray them with hair spray generously, scrunch with your hands and tease up the roots. Your hair will have a circumference, but with big hair comes big sexiness. If you need to pin up any fringe, keep the hair section small and pin it close to the forehead.

Tonight, sleep on your hair.

DAY 7 You made it! Yay! Now your lion mane will either look even more amazing than the day before or you will be able to wear the most voluminous and charismatic pony tail ever seen today. Your choice! Just rock it loud and dirty.

Thanks for reading. If you have any tips for rocking dirty hair, leave them in the comments below!