Hello Holiday + Omaha Fashion Week = ♥

In late August each year, our city starts buzzing with excitement over our favorite local fashion event, Omaha Fashion Week. OFW is a week long showcase of designers from Omaha and many other cities in the Midwest. 

We usually attend every show we can, but this year the Hello Holiday team was on a buying trip to the MAGIC Marketplace in Las Vegas and were only home for Saturday’s finale show. 

This year’s finale show was comprised of a hand-selected group of designers who had already shown their collections earlier in the week. The OFW team selected their favorites to present at the finale show, which worked in our favor as we would have missed many of our favorite local designers due to travel. 

With the help of Hello Holiday team member Shannon, we were able to set up an exclusive event for our friends to attend OFW with us. Shannon worked all week on creating whimsical decorations (chalkboard place mats and animals for everyone to doodle on, hello!) for all of our tables and we set up our party with minutes to spare before the finale show started. 

The finale show is normally held on an outdoor runway in Omaha’s Old Market (our downtown area) over an entire city block. As you may or may not be able to tell from our photos, it was a little rainy (ok, a lot rainy) but the OFW organizers were able to put up tents to shield attendees from the rain. We want to thank everyone on the OFW team who worked so hard to keep us all dry during the finale!

Another fun treat we put together were gift bags for everyone in our party. We reached out to all of our favorite local businesses and some of our favorite designers to sponsor our party, and ended up with a ton of awesome loot to send everyone home with. 

We had such a great time at OFW and simply cannot wait for next year! Hello Holiday would like to thank our sponsors & friends who helped contribute to our Omaha Fashion Week party! Please take a moment to check them out. 

xo, Meg + Rah

P.S. You can check out all the great designs and behind the scenes photos from OFW’s photography team here



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